Recording for Bands

Embassy Studios in Basingstoke, designed with bands in mind to create the perfect sound.

At Embassy Studios we offer full room and instrument hire, with access to our in-house engineer to offer the very best studio sound. We’ve got a track record of success too, 100% of bands say they would recommend us to their friends!

At Embassy Studios our isolated live room is perfect for recording your band together. Every sound is recorded as a separate channel, which can later be edited and allow any mistakes to be corrected quickly and easily. The result, a high quality, professional finish which can be mixed and mastered for release.

Embassy Studios Band Studio Recording Features

A great selection of microphones

Capture the right sound and tone with our commercial-grade microphones, including Neumann, AKG and Sure. Our studio manager will take you through your requirements prior to recording to ensure the right sound is captured.

Bring your instruments, or use ours!

Use of our instruments is included in your price, which means you don’t need to worry about bringing your drum kit, piano or guitar! Our instruments include a Yamaha upright piano, Mapex and Pearl drum-kit and Ashdown bass amps.

Quality sounding recording

All of your vocals and instruments are brought together on our 32 channel Soundcraft Mixer, run by our in house studio manager and engineer, Graham Dominy.

Tips For Successful Band Recording

Be prepared

Make sure you plan your recording schedule, define the list of things to be achieved and allocate enough time to complete each item. Brief our studio manager prior to recording so he can help manage your session effectively.

Plan and take a break

Don’t forget to have a break! It’s easy to become focused on trying to finish, but remember to take a break to relax – there’s the use of our refreshment facilities and free Wi-Fi.

Be well-rehearsed!

We can’t emphasise this enough – rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! You don’t want your professional recording time to become an expensive rehearsal.